HDT Magazine - October 2017

COVER STORY: Trucking in the 21st Century - Cyber Security - A Threat From Within


Trucking in the 21st Century, Part 8: A Threat From Within (COVER STORY)

Does trucking face a cyber-threat resulting from weaknesses in its electronic architecture?

Trucking in the 21st Century, Part 8: CyberSecurity: Connect at Your Own Risk (COVER STORY)

How fleets can enjoy greater connectivity without risking more cyberattacks.

2018 Medium-Duty Report

Big rigs are grabbing all the technology headlines today.  But medium-duty truck and van models continue to see improved safety and productivity.

Why Insurance Costs Are Sky-high

A perfect storm of business conditions has whipped up insurance costs, but applying technology and managing people can help calm the tempest.


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HDT Magazine - October 2017