HDT Magazine - October 2016

COVER STORY: * 2017 Preview: The Newest Models from Vans to Class 8


Class 8 Update: Downturn, But Far From Bad Times (COVER STORY)

Production cutbacks should reduce heavy truck inventories, but are fleets waiting for new, more fuel-efficient models to appear?

Medium-Duty Update: Growing Sales, Diesel Developments, Vertical Integration

Gasoline's getting more popular, conventionals remain so as new models head for dealers.

Vans Update: Surging Sales, Growing Choices

Sales of commercial vans may set a record this year, and helping drive that traffic is a wider array of offerings in three distinct size categories.

The Vanishing Paper Trail

A paperless trucking operation is technologically possible, but don't expect paper to go away any time soon.

Does Clean Equal 'Green'?

Can a regular wash program pay for itself, or is it just money down the drain?


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HDT Magazine - October 2016