HDT Magazine - November 2015

Cover Story: 50 Top Green Fleets


GHG Phase 2 Rules Don't Pass OEM Muster....Yet

OEM comments on proposed EPA/NHTSA Phase 2 GHG regs show they're nowhere near ready for prime time.  What the agencies say in reply will speak volumes on where the rule is headed.

COVER STORY: Top 50 Green Fleets

Industry leaders show there are many paths to sustainability, from better mpg to alternative fuels to "green" facilities.

Driver Dilemma Part 10: Of Health & Wellness

The payback on driver wellness is best measured with a different stick.

4 Suspension Maintenance Items You Might Overlook

These complex mechaniisms cushion the truck, load and driver, but too often are victims of neglect.

Spec'ing Charging, Starting and Battery Systems

Peace of mind won't come cheap, but you can hardly deny it's worth it.


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HDT Magazine - November 2015