HDT Magazine - May 2017

COVER STORY: * Thwarting Cargo Theft


Trucking in the 21st Century Part 5: There's an App for That

There's a vast array of applications that truckers and trucking companies can tap into to work more efficiently, profitably and safely.

Six Steps to Thwart Cargo Theft (COVER STORY)

There is much motor carriers can do to help protect customers' goods and their own assets and employees from heists.

4 Ways to Control Creeping Maintenance Costs

Keeping costs under control is a fleet manager's most challenging job requirement.  Here are four steps any fleet can take to start getting costs under control - and keep them there.

Are Your Brakes Up to Snuff?

Advanced safety systems are only as good as the foundation brakes that actually stop the wheels.


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HDT Magazine - May 2017