HDT Magazine - June 2018



3 Proven Fuel-Saving Strategies

With fuel prices on the rise, there's no better time to refocus on fuel economy.  Here are three things that nearly any fleet can focus on to drive up fuel savings fast.

Demontrating Real-World Solutions on the Road

NACFE's Run on Less project reveals big fuel savings are possible.

Building a Culture of Fuel Economy

Driving fuel efficiency gains needs to go deeper than hanging another aero device on your trailer.

How to Push Your MPG Envelope

The rewards can be rich for getting out front on fuel economy.

Additives: Good for What Ails You?

Fuel additives can help compensate for poor quality fuel, and even make good fuel better.  The question is, do you need a fuel additive?

How GHG Phase 2 Will Change the Way You Spec Trucks

Faced with compliance pressures, truck makers will be pushing technologies that promote fuel efficiency - even if it's something fleets don't want.

Truck Platoons on the Horizon?

Real-world deployment of truck platooning systems appears close, but developers aren't keen to offer many details on their efforts.

HDTX Looks Toward a Fast-Evolving Future


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HDT Magazine - June 2018