HDT Magazine - June 2017

SPECIAL ISSUE: * Cutting Fuel Costs


Super Truck: Pie in the Sky, or Pathway to Super Fuel Savings?

The DOE SuperTruck projects have demonstrated what's possible.  The next challenge is to turn the possible into the practical.

The Latest Fuel-Sipping Engines

In our heavy-duty engine roundup, see how engine makers have met the EPS GHG Phase 1 2017 emissions requirements head-on, with a lineup promising better fuel efficiency and greater reliability.

Automated Transmissions: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Automated manual transmissions surpassed even the most optimistic predictions for adoption.  How will the next generation of smarter, faster and better connected AMTs boost safety, efficiency and fuel economy?

Money from Thin Air

Falling acquisition prices, proven performance and fast ROI times on aerodynamic add-ons can translete into fast fuel savings for even cash-strapped fleets.

The Rolling Resistance Paradox

Looking for a tire with the lowest possible rolling resistance?  If that's your only consideration, you might not be happy with the tire you get.

FA-4: Oil Worth Waiting For

The newest API oil-service category promises to boost mpg, but its use is limited to new engines.

Saving Fuel by the Dollar and by the Minute

Today's fuel-purchasing systems make smarter and faster work of fueling up trucks.

Drivers Key to Cutting Idle Costs

No single technology has emerged as a winner in the idle reduction market, but driver satisfaction and comfort are key factors in finding solutions.


Innovation, Networking Highlight Heavy Duty Trucking Exchange

HDT's inaugural networking and education event was a success.


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HDT Magazine - June 2017