HDT Magazine - June 2016

Cover Story: 10 MPG and Beyond


Breaking 10 (COVER STORY)

10 mpg is more of a line in the sand than the barrier it was once thought to be.  Can 11 mpg be far off?

Tactics for Tackling Fuel Economy

Whether its by sticking to specific drain intervals or automating your routing and dispatching, fleets can save on fuel with these tips.

The Future of Fuel Economy

A fundamental shift in thinking has transformed the trucking industry and ushered in a new era of highly advanced vehicles delivering unprecedented fuel savings.  But it's only the beginning.


On the Cutting Edge

Halvor Lines is closing in on a 10-mpg truck, thanks to tractor and trailor specs.

In the Real World

Ursa Logistics backs up its mpg-boosting efforts by constantly assessing its data.

As Every Day Effort

Staying on top of data and drivers helps Cooper Freight in its mpg quest.

Bragging Rights

RRR Transportation 'does the right things' in its quest to improve mpg and lower its carbon footprint.

Construction: 'Turn the Truck Off'

Idle reduction is key for this Ohio-based construction fleet.

Fuel Economy at Any Size

The greenest miles are the ones you never run, says the giant parcel and logistics company.

Private Fleet Tackles Turbulence

Duplainville Transport's aerodynamic tractor-trailers average 7.7 mpg on trips among printing plants operated by its parent, QuadGraphics.


Improve Fuel Efficiency by Maximizing Tire Life

7 Ways Aerodynamics Save Fuel

A comprehensive wind-tunnel study offers insight into aero device performance.

From the Driver's Seat: 4 Ways to Dial Up MPG

An accomplished owner-operator offers his take on what it takes to drive fuel officiently.

9 Ways You Can Use Technology to Cut Fuel Use

Manage driver and vehicle performance by measuring them.

8 Steps to Better MPG Through Maintenance


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HDT Magazine - June 2016