HDT Magazine - June 2015

Cover Story: Focus on Fuel


How Low Will Diesel Go?

The real question is how long the price will stay low.

Mining Data for Fuel Savings

From routing to gamification to spotting equipment issues, information technology can help save fuel.

SuperTruck Revealed

With a 115% freight-efficiency improvement and 12.2 mpg, the DTNA team had to pull out all the stops to turn its goals into realities.

High-MPG Models

Start with these aero tractors for the best fuel economy.

Breaking the MPG Barrier

For Michael Niss, reaching 11 mpg is not just a dream.  It is quickly becoming a reality through his project company, Breaking 11.

Keeping it Clean and Dry

Why strategies for filtration and bulk storage are more vital than ever.

Fuel Savings vs. Shorter Tire Life

Chances are, your low-rolling resistance tires are performing better than you think.

Long-Life Skirts

Testing and experience show that material flexibility is a requirement for resisting damages.

Driver Dilemma, Part 6: In It Together

There are many ways fleets can help drivers maximize fuel economy.


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