HDT Magazine - January 2015

COVER STORY: Driver Numbers Continue to Fall


In Search of Drivers

Digging into the causes of what could be the worst driver shotrage ever.

Powertrain Specs: More Science than Art

Torque is both an enabler of downspeeding and a source of concern about delivering peak torque at very low engine speed.

3PLs Today & Tomorrow

Third party logistics companies have become a key part of goods movement.

DPF: Blessing and Curse

Diesel particulate filters help cleanse exhaust and give us cleaner air to breathe, but they cause frequent grief and expense.

Bypassing with Technology

Toll and weigh station bypass technology can help fleets cut costs and time, while the vehicle keeps rolling down the road.


Masthead                                        Test Drive

Deborah Lockridge                            Once Around the Yard

Washington Report                           Tires & Wheels

Hotline                                            Trailers

Safety & Compliance                         Equipment Report

FuelSmarts                                      Locking It In


HDT Magazine - January 2015
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