HDT Magazine - February 2014


HDT's 2014 Top 20 Products

The most innovative and useful product introductions of the past year.

Spec'ing Work Trucks

Though usually smaller and lighter than freight haulers, these vehicles can be complex and are made for many applications.

Pushing the Telematics Boundaries

Fleets adopt new tools to take advantage of the data "fire hose"

EGR:  Staying Ahead of Trouble

There are few prescribed maintenance procedures for EGR systems, but a watchful eye can prevent a small problem from getting worse.

Top Dealers Talk Trends

Nominees for American Truck Dealers/HDT Truck Dealer of the Year talk about industry trends important to fleets and dealers alike.


Masthead                                       Aftermarket: The Fleet Perspective

Letters                                           Test Drive

Deborah Lockridge                          Tires & Wheels

Washington Report                         Trailers

Hotline                                          Equipment Report

Safety & Compliance                       Locking It In

HDT Magazine - February 2014
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