HDT Magazine - April 2017

COVER STORY: * 2017 Fleet Innovators


2017 Fleet Innovators (COVER STORY)

Meet some of trucking's best and brightest leaders.

Trucking in the 21st Century Part 4: The Big and Small of Last-Mile Delivery

E-commerce is driving a last-mile delivery boom, with everyone from startup drone makers to big less-than-truckload operations getting in on the business.

Out of Sight, Always in Mind

They began as simple event recorders, but today's in-cab camera systems are integrating with other systems to add power, depth and an unprecedented understanding to fleets.

Coolant Confusion Crisis

Many fleet managers today have no idea what coolants are in their trucks - or even what coolants are supposed to be in them.  Here's how suppliers are working to correct that problem.


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HDT Magazine - April 2017